What is Consultant comparison? 

We are a B2B Consultant comparison  website for IT, Digital and Tech-related Consultants. This includes digital marketing, consultants, recruitment consultants, web design Consultants and much more.

How does it work?

For Clients – You search for consultants, find the companies that you want to shortlist and then create your project so that they can pitch for your work. There is no cost for doing so and it will always remain absolutely free.

If you would like us to manage your procurement process and source an appropriate Consultant for you, we can do so at a fee of 10%.

For Consultants- You create a free account, this is an opportunity for you to list your service and generate high quality leads for your business.

How does this differ from other platforms?

As far as we know, the are the first and only comparison website for consultants. We don’t see ourselves as a lead gen platform or simply a directory of consultants, instead we aim to be the leading platform for sourcing and managing consultants contracts.

Although we expect many companies will use this as a lead source, this is not a lead gen platform. Lead gen platforms generally sell all leads on to as many businesses as possible, irrespective of the quality.

With you get to see the entire project brief, budgets and company before you put forward a proposal and bid for the work. This means you only pay a fee if you are successful. There are no hidden fees

Why does this website exist?

We have worked in Consultants throughout the last two decades and we noticed that there was a gap in the market for a platform to compare and source consultants. From the Consultant side it is frustrating to buy leads when you don’t know the quality, this is why we created a process that allows you to tender for the work you are suitable for.

What does it cost?

There’s no cost to post a project for clients and there’s no cost for consultants to have a profile. Consultants only pay when you have secured a contract and even then you only pay 10%.

What are the benefits of Using Consultantcomparison on?

– We protect the relationship. All Consultant suppliers and clients are provided with a mutual NDA template, we strongly recommend that you sign this and upload a copy to the platform.

– We have an consultant replacement promise. If you aren’t satisfied then either we will help you to meditate the relationship or replace the supplier for your contract.

– Have a tender and require an consultant? Add your tenders to source suppliers through the website.

– Track all progresses using the document upload feature.

– Review your agency on an ongoing basis.